As a busy, successful professional, your headshot helps you a lot more than you might think! A headshot is your first impression and could be an introduction to the next prospect or employer. You want your headshot to accurately portray you so that when someone sees it, they feel like they’re already getting to know you. You probably know why a professional headshot is so important, but do you know when to update yours? We offer the top five signs that it might be time for a new headshot. 

5 Signs You Need a New Professional Headshot 

Here are the top signs it might be time to update! Do any of these resonate with you?

1. Your Headshot is Over Three Years Old – 

A headshot older than three years should be updated! The truth is that we have changed quite a bit through the years. Besides aging, you might have changed your style, how your wear your makeup, or changed jobs. 

2. You’ve Changed Your Look –

If you’ve heard, “You look different than your headshot online.” Don’t take offense! You might have simply changed your look. Maybe you cut your hair or had it colored. For men, maybe you used to be clean-shaven, and now you wear a beard. We just want your headshot to reflect YOU! 

3. You Need Something More Inviting – 

Long gone are the days when you sit in a stuffy pose for your headshot. Now, we can make your headshot more playful and fun if that suits your personal brand. Even if it’s not part of your brand, we can still incorporate more of you in your headshot, so it accurately portrays you.

4. Your Headshot Wasn’t Taken By a Professional – 

This one is a biggie. Maybe your headshot was taken by a friend, college student, or someone “with a camera.” While that gets the job done, investing in a headshot taken by a professional photographer is more than worth it. You’ll get expert support in choosing what to wear, how to pose, and help you feel comfortable during the process. You’ll leave with a headshot that you love.

5. You Don’t Like Your Headshot –

We actually hear this a lot! We have many headshot clients who come to us because they simply don’t like their headshots. Your headshot is your first impression, so we want you to love this image and feel like it truly feels like you.

Powder Springs, GA Headshot Photographer 

As a headshot photographer, we know the importance of having the right headshot. As busy business owners ourselves, we understand that your time is valuable. We’ve created a seamless studio headshot process so that you’re in and out but with our white glove approach. You’ll leave with a headshot that actually looks and feels like you. Please send us a message here to schedule your headshot with G and E Studios.

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