Let us tell you more about the GES team!

We are Gary and Elaine.  We like long walks on the beach and sitting on the front porch swing.  That is partially true.  Elaine is the only one that likes the swing!  LOL

Getting up early to greet the day and having a cup of coffee on the front porch (or for Gary, it is hot chocolate) is something we love to do together.  With an added blanket for Elaine, we both find it can be a relaxing way to start our day.

As parents of two and grandparents of three, we understand each child has their own personal role to play.  We call this the makeup of the family. So how do we get them to respond to having their photo taken?  That is a trade secret😊. The GES team has a few tricks up our sleeves.  

To be honest, with kiddos it is my love for getting down at their eye level and coaching them to give the best impressions.  Every child is different and finding what sparks their interest is what I love to do!  Sometimes I think the parents want to put me in a time out but the kids love it!  ~Elaine

My passion is capturing the family and telling the story.  Documenting the family dynamics in both a fun and traditional setting is what I enjoy most.  ~Gary

We cannot forget our little mascot!  Gabby is a terrier mix rescue and loves meeting new people!  She will greet you with her favorite ball of the day and wants you to throw it for her.  The funny thing is she won’t let you have it!! LOL  

Sharing a Story

Let us share a story about our granddaughter.  When she was about three years old, she spent a good bit of time pointing to each picture in our home and naming the members of HER family. “That’s Bubby. That is Mama, Daddy. And that’s ME!”  She recognized her importance in the family, and we could see a sense of pride on her little face when she looked at the framed images time and time again.  Seeing herself with her peeps gave her the importance of having a special place in this world and belonging to something huge.

We Believe

We believe children need to see how much they are loved and valued every single day.  This is why we do what we do.

And mom and dads!  When they are off to college and the next chapter in their lives, these images in your home will bring a warm sense of love to your heart too! These are the things that are cherished today and priceless tomorrow.

 Andy Warhol said it best when he said, “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”  


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