Family Photoshoot

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Family Portraits

These moments and people in our lives are priceless. But, once they are gone, they are gone.

As a part of the GES family, we offer both options.  Framed Wall Art that happens to be your family or Custom Designed Albums from your family photoshoot.

No matter which you prefer, leave it to us.  You and your family will look like models in whichever piece of art you select.  The great-great grandkids will admire their legacy for generations to come.

You do not have to worry about the photos becoming outdated over time. Instead, the GES team focuses on the relationships that make your family unique.  That is something that will remain timeless.

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Child Portraits

Why is it so important to have portraits in your home?  It has been long acknowledged that a printed photo can boost a child’s self-esteem.  When our granddaughter was about three years old, she spent a good bit of time pointing to each picture in our home and naming the members of HER family.

“That’s Bubby. That is Mama, Daddy. And that’s ME!”  She recognized her importance in the family, and I could see a sense of pride on her little face when she looked at the framed images time and time again.  Seeing herself with her peeps gave her the importance of having a special place in this world and belonging to something huge.

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Heirloom Portraits

The Heirloom Portraits Style takes you back to your Grandmother’s time. Your child will be photographed using clothing from my style closet – a white shirt with a Peter Pan collar for boys and a white smocked dress for girls. We will capture some great expressions that will brighten any room the moment you walk in! 

How long will these sessions take?  These sessions can be quick and usually done in less than 30 minutes.  Of course, all children are different and we want to bring out the best in them.  How do we make it happen? Elaine has a love for the kiddos.  She gets down at their eye level and coaches them to some good expressions for Gary to capture. Our InStudio Creation Sessions help control the elements and let the kiddos be themselves.

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Newborn Portraits

Even though they are only once, they will forever be our babies.  Our granddaughter once told me she was not a baby any longer.  I told her I’m afraid I have to disagree.  Even her father is my baby! She could not believe it!

It is so important to document every little nugget of your newborn.  The little ears. Toes.  Fingers and hands.  Their little nose, cheeks and lips.  Sleeping babies make the most adorable framed wall portraits while their tiny features warm up an album.

We will go over different poses for you to choose from during our consultation to know what we are shooting for before your session date.  We will love your little ones to keep them calm and offer patience with you while you are feeding or changing them.  Great care is taken when posing them in cute little poses. Our studio offers home comfort, and the GES team works hard to keep stress at a minimum.  Know that we all the necessary precautions that are needed when handling your newborn.

YOU are so smart to do this now and to start the process of documenting your child’s life.  And don’t forget about the family portraits. Every home needs those too.

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