Why is family portrait artwork so important? Let’s start with a story. When someone asks about your child, you likely will want to show them a photo on your phone as you answer them. It’s a fun way to show off your beautiful child, share something funny they said, and share your love for them.

Now, take this concept and apply it to your entire family. How can you tell your family’s story to someone right as they walk into your home? One of the most beautiful ways is by having family portrait artwork displayed for everyone to see and enjoy. It’s important to understand different types of portrait artwork and why you need to display your photos.

Types of Portrait Artwork 

When we talk about portrait artwork, we’re not talking about digital files. Unfortunately, those tend to sit on a phone or computer screen and aren’t always easy to showcase. As we talk about your family portrait artwork, we’re talking about your framed wall art and family albums. It’s important to us that you print and display your family portrait for all to see. 


Framed Wall Art 

Look around your home and think about where you’d love to see your family portraits. Maybe it’s in the dining room or perhaps as the centerpiece to your living room. As someone enters your home, their eyes will be drawn to your beautiful family portrait on the wall. They may ask about your family as they admire the custom piece. Above all, this is so much better than showing them a photo on your phone.



Albums and Folio Boxes

Holding an album with your most precious portraits allows you to fully enjoy the experience of looking through them.  You’ll be able to look through the album for years to come and remember your family during that season of life. You can laugh remembering funny things your child said at that age and smile remembering their sweet hugs.

Yes, having photos on your phone is nice for some things, like when you run into someone at the store and want to show them a photo of your child, but your family portraits deserve the best spot in your home. Both the framed wall art and albums are meant to be treasured forever and passed down through the generations to tell your family’s story. 


Your Powder Springs Family Portrait Photographer

Finally, as your family portrait photographer, our job isn’t complete until your family photos are displayed so you can enjoy them every single day. Our mission is to help you accomplish this with as little stress as possible. We handle everything from planning, photographing, to printing your heirloom portrait artwork. We’d love to meet you and your family. Please reach out with any questions at all or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn to connect.

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