Have you wanted to do a family portrait session but have some questions? You are not alone! We decided to round up the top questions that we hear and answer them right here for you. Hopefully, you can find your answer and learn more about our process along the way. 

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Where Do the Sessions Take Place?

All of our family portrait sessions take place inside our beautiful studio G and E Studios, LLC. There are many benefits to taking your family portraits in a studio. Your family will feel comfortable and relaxed inside our private studio. There’s no worrying about posing your family in front of other people in a public place or worrying about keeping everyone nearby for the different portraits. 

We will never have to cancel because of rain, so you won’t have to worry about rescheduling. 

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My Family is Very Busy, How Do I Schedule Our Session?

We completely understand that you may be very busy! You may have sports, theater, or other extracurricular activities if you have younger children. Older children may be more independent and have their own school and work schedules. We do our best to accommodate your busy schedule, and with our studio space, you know that we’ll never have to reschedule because of the weather. 

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What if My Children Won’t Behave?

We know that worrying about if your child will “behave” can cause some of our clients to stress over their family portraits. We’re here to tell you that your child is absolutely perfect just the way they are! As parents ourselves, we know every trick in the book to help coax any child into giving us a beautiful smile. You can sit back and relax while we bring the magic. We’re not above bribing if needed and even have a prize box with little toys they can choose from after a successful session. We also have water and snacks to make sure that no one is simply cranky from hunger (it happens to the best of us). 


What if My Guy Isn’t Interested?

This is another common concern that we hear! Sometimes mom wants family portraits, and dad isn’t sold on the idea. Maybe he’s a private person or just doesn’t realize how important this is for your family. We have a whole article on how to help your guy feel comfortable for family portraits. Our best advice is to share why this is so important to you and your family. We promise to make it as easy and fun as possible for him!


Can We Have Multiple Families?

Yes! This is called a multi-family portrait, and we love doing these types of portraits for our clients. This could include grandparents with their grown children and their families. Capturing grandma with her grandbabies is a beautiful photo to treasure forever. We can work with almost any situation that comes up with a multi-family portrait session. However, if we can’t get everyone in on the same day, we can photograph families at different times and use PhotoShop magic to create one complete portrait. 


What Should I Do With My Photos? 

Did you know that our job is not over until your beautiful portraits are on display in your home? It’s true! After our portrait session, we’ll schedule a reveal session. These are incredibly fun. During our image reveal session, we’ll help you order heirloom family portrait artwork that you can look back on for the rest of your life! You only order what you love, and we’ll even help you install any art products that you would like. Finally, handing our clients their family portrait artwork is our favorite part of the week!


Have a Question About Family Portrait Sessions? 

If we didn’t answer a question that you have about family portrait sessions, please don’t hesitate to call us at (678) 427-9255 or email us at portraits@gandestudios.com and ask. We’re happy to answer your question with no strings attached. During the call, we’ll chat about your family and how you love to make memories with them! If we’re a good fit, we’ll go ahead and book a session that works with your schedule. After that, we’ll guide you through preparing for your session. You’ll feel excited and relaxed when you arrive at the studio with your family. As has been noted above, after the portrait session, we’ll have a reveal session to go through your images. We are there for you every step of the way!

In conclusion, as your family portrait photographer in Powder Springs, GA, it’s our honor to serve our clients by capturing their beautiful families. We’d love to invite you to join our email community here. 

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