How to Help Your Guy Feel Comfortable in Front of the Camera for Family Portraits

Are you’re dreaming of a professional family portrait that you can proudly display on the wall, but your guy isn’t sold on the idea? Keep reading because we’re here to help with some ideas to make sure that every family member is happy and confident in front of the camera.

Hey, not everyone enjoys having their picture taken.  We totally understand.  Your guy might be thinking he isn’t a “model,” or he just feels uncomfortable with the thought of someone taking his picture.  Our goal is to make sure that every member of your family is happy and comfortable throughout the entire portrait process. 

Here are a couple of our best tips for getting your guy comfortable in front of the camera.

5 Tips to Help Your Guy Feel Comfortable For Family Portraits 


  1. Share Why Family Portraits are Important to You 

First, start with why family portraits are important to you.  Share with him that you’d love to take time out of your busy lives to capture your beautiful, growing family.  Being able to capture your family portrait professionally allows you to hit pause and enjoy your lovely family as well as display those portraits in your home. 


  1. Help Him Choose an Outift He Loves 

You may have a particular outfit in mind.  However, it’s crucial that he feels happy and comfortable, so help him choose an outfit that he loves and feels comfortable wearing.  Again, simple is better when it comes to what to wear for your portrait session.  As a bonus, if you need to go shopping, make it a date night by having dinner after.

  1. Find a Studio Photographer for Privacy 

If your guy is camera-shy, it might make him feel more comfortable going with a studio photographer.  Going into a studio means you have total privacy during the session, and you don’t have to worry about people staring at you!


  1. Choose a Studio Photographer that Cares About His Experience 

Find a studio photographer who truly cares about everyone’s experience.  We offer our clients drinks and snacks for their sessions. And, we have even turned on the big game on our big screen TV so dad can watch during the session.  We do this because we want everyone to be happy and relaxed during the session because happy and relaxed = beautiful portraits! 

  1. Meet with the Photographer Beforehand 

In order for your guy to feel comfortable, he’ll likely need to meet the photographers beforehand.  Meeting over Zoom is fine, but stopping by the studio is even better.  That way, he can see where the portraits will happen and see how the day will go.  He’ll feel confident and ready for his family portrait session!

Studio Portrait Photography Session

We just love it when we reveal a client’s portraits during their image viewing session. Even better is when we get to see everyone so happy with how they turned out.  See one of our favorite reveals here. We’ve had gentlemen who were sure they wouldn’t like having their picture taken to love the end results.  We believe that part of that is because we make an effort to ensure your guy enjoys his portrait session experience! 

Please contact us with any questions and to schedule your portrait session. 

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