Home is where your family is. In fact, you’re proud of your home and the beautiful family that you have, and you want people to know it when they enter your home. A family portrait session is the perfect way to make your house a home and showcase your amazing family the moment someone walks in the door. Let’s share ways to make your house a home with a studio family portrait session. 

Studio Family Portrait Session

Studio Sessions Around Your Schedule – With a studio portrait session, it’s easy to work around your family’s schedule. We don’t have to worry about the weather or scheduling your session during the golden hour. The studio means we have a picture-perfect environment all year long. In fact, we’re not limited to sunset hours. We can schedule your family’s portrait session when it works best for your busy family. 

Dress Right – We have an entire guide on what to wear for your family portrait session when you join our email community. Don’t worry; we’ll share a couple of quick tips for you here. We usually recommend choosing neutral and solid colors for your outfits. Avoid loud patterns or bright colors, as that will deter attention from your beautiful faces!

Technology When We Need It – Are we missing a family member for your portrait session? The good news is that with a studio portrait session, it’s very easy to add in the missing family member at a later time with some quick PhotoShop magic. 

Create Your Dream Statement Family Portrait – Imagine a statement family portrait above your fireplace or in your dining room. Your family will be the focal point of your home! It’s the home decor piece that will never go out of style and that all your guests will enjoy. 

Growing Your Family Gallery Wall – We love when clients do this! After your family portrait session, we can design and install a family gallery wall for you to enjoy every day. Even better, we can add to your gallery wall as your family grows. It’ll be the perfect display of your family’s story. 

Custom Family Album – Holding your custom family album will be like holding your family’s very own storybook. You’ll be able to snuggle in and soak in the memories of your family as you turn each page of the album. This portrait artwork piece will be passed down for generations!


Powder Springs, GA Studio Portrait Photographers  

We want our studio to feel like your home away from home. The more comfortable your family is during your portrait session, the better your portraits will be! After your session, we’ll assist you in creating your dream portrait artwork to make your house a home. We’ll even install it for you so that it’s perfect. Please send us a message here to schedule your family portrait session. 

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