On the day of your family portrait session, your entire family will be well-rested, happy, and excited to have their picture taken, right? Hopefully! As a family-focused portrait studio, please believe us when we say that we’ve seen it all—everything from grumpy dads to squirrelly kids. And, guess, what? We’re always able to capture that beautiful family portrait. Rest assured, we have you covered.

You deserved to you feel relaxed and ready to go. Today, we want to share our best advice when it comes to prepping for your family’s portrait session! 


Our Best Tips to Prep for Your Family Session 

Again, no matter what, we’ll capture your beautiful family on the day of your session. These tips are to help you enjoy the entire process from start to finish without any stress.




Pamper Yourself – Okay, this one is for mom the most. If you can, try to schedule some me-time the day of the session. This could look like a relaxing massage at the spa or a blowout and makeup at your salon. This means you get to relax and feel as beautiful as you really are.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time – If possible, try not to schedule anything else on the day of your session. The only reason for this is to have plenty of time to get everyone ready and to the studio. While studio portrait sessions rarely run long, you want to give yourself time after in case we need a little more time to get the perfect shot. 




Plan Outfits Well in Advance – Don’t wait until the day before the session to pick out everyone’s outfits. In fact, we highly recommend you have all outfits laid out and ready a week in advance. This is to save you from running to the store at the last minute because you realized your husband needed a different shirt. 

Make Sure Everything Fits – Have everyone try on their outfits days before the session. It’s a pain but worth it to catch any wardrobe issues that need fixing. Maybe your daughter’s dress doesn’t fit, or you realize it needs steaming. Finding any wardrobe issues early gives you plenty of time to take care of it!











Feed Everyone Before – Now, we don’t mean giving your kids messy snacks on the ride there. If you can, try to make sure everyone has a good snack before the session. We don’t say meal because we want everyone to be full and happy, not stuffed!

Plan Something Fun After – We love hearing that clients made fun plans after the session. They might go to a nice dinner to celebrate or head home to spend time as a family. Either way, your family portrait session is a celebration itself.



Family Portrait Photographer in Powder Springs, GA

When our clients walk in the door, they’ve done their job! We are excited to welcome them to the studio and start their session. It’s important to us that you don’t have to worry about anything except showing up with your family. We even provide a snack and water to take care of that step for you as well. We hope the tips above will help you feel excited and not stressed when it comes to your family portrait session but know that once you’re here, you’re in good hands. Curious what our clients think? Visit our Google page and see our reviews!


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