If you have a child or a grandchild that you love deeply and are looking for a way to capture them how they are right now, we’d love to introduce you to the GES Heirloom Portraits. These special portraits are the perfect way to photograph your beautiful child and preserve your memories with them. We’d love to share more about what heirloom portraits are and why you might want to choose to have one. Let’s get started! GES Heirloom Portraits taken in their Powder Springs, GA Studio

What are Heirloom Portraits? 

Heirloom portraits are a timeless style of children’s portraiture. The focal point of the portrait is your child, with each portrait capturing a different expression you want to remember. The beauty of this style of children’s portraits is that it’s a classic look that will never go out of style. These are the types of portraits that you will treasure for the rest of your life and then hand down through the generations.

Why Choose an Heirloom Portrait Session

The reason we started to offer this type of portrait session is that parents wanted professional images of their children. Usually, parents take newborn photos of their children, and then they might not have professional photos taken until their child is a senior in high school. That leaves a significant gap in time! Of course, we hope that you take family portraits during this time, but what was missing was a professional portrait of their child. 

We had clients with children between the ages of one and five who wanted a professional portrait of their child before the school years. These clients also wanted a timeless portrait that they could display on the wall throughout their child’s life. 

Editing an GES Heirloom Portrait

How Does a GES Heirloom Portrait Session Work?

Now that you know more about what an heirloom portrait is and why you might choose one for your child let’s talk about how it works. This session is a little different than a family portrait session in the sense that it’s all about your child! Your child will feel special and pampered while they are in the studio. 

We try to keep the session as quick and efficient as possible so that we get the shots we want before your child is tired of posing. Speaking of posing, we never force children into a pose, but we have many tricks to gently guide them into the pose we’re looking to achieve. The result is always perfect! We can always use PhotoShop magic to create the perfect portrait if we need to. 

GES Heirloom Portraits in Powder Springs, GA 

As Powder Springs’s premier portrait studio, we are proud to offer GES Heirloom Portraits to our clients. As parents and grandparents ourselves, we know how fast children grow. We just love being able to document your children in a way that you can treasure for the years to come. If you’re interested in scheduling an heirloom portrait session with us, please contact us here. 

GES Heirloom Portrait in Powder Springs, Georgia

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