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Are you ready for photos with Santa?

Do the long lines at the mall wear you down waiting to see Santa?  Here, we have the solution!  Two dates are being offered this year: November 5 & 6, 2022. You choose a time for your child(ren) to create the Santa Experience of a lifetime!  Your child’s personality will shine with Ole Saint Nick.

Keep reading below for FAQs and more details below.

Santa photos will be a magical memory your child will not forget!  Your little one will be delighted to see what Santa has in his bag of tricks.  Would your child love to be in Santa’s workshop?

We have laid out some detailed information below, so keep reading. Your questions on what to expect and what to wear are answered below.  Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

Photos with Santa

Gary and I are excited to offer The Santa Experience for the third year!  What can we say? Not only is it our clients’ favorite event, but it also holds a special place in our hearts!

Each child and parent get our specialized attention. Our goal is to leave the stress behind, so we offer only 20 slots. These will sell out fast, so make sure you book now! 

Your child will love meeting Santa, creating a keepsake, making phone calls to the head elf, or looking at Santas Atlas! Once you are booked, one of Santa’s helpers will reach out to gather more information to personalize your visit with Santa. 

Your Session of $150 Includes

  • 20 minutes of private time with Santa in his workshop
  • Make a holiday keepsake with Santa
  • Personalized ornament with their name
  • Gift from Santa
  • Milk and Cookies with Santa
  • Personalized Card from Santa
  • Share stories and Christmas wishes
  • Purchase your favorite images on personalized Christmas cards, ornaments, wall art, and albums. We know you will want them all! 
  • Social media file from anything you purchase to share with family and friends
  • One 8×10 or two 5×7 prints included – one pose.

The experience of a childs lifetime!

Photos with Santa

Little girl with Santa

What to Wear

Darker colors will work best for Santa’s Workshop.  However, dressing your child in the right colors can ensure color harmony in your portraits.  Here are several suggestions that will match the set nicely!

  • Deep Reds (Burgundy, Cranberry, Maroon, Crimson)
  • Dark Greens (Evergreen, Pine, Emerald)
  • Antique golds (richer gold tones)
  • Rich Warm Browns
  • Navy blues

**Want a different, brighter option for your Christmas cards?  A second white wintery scene has been added this year!   Adding a cute pair of black galoshes would enhance the image.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram for sneak peeks coming soon.


Here are things to avoid in your wardrobe choices:

  • Do not wear anything in solid white, including shoes or hairbows.
  • Solid colors work best.  However, Christmas plaids can work well.
  • Avoid neon or bright colors.
  • Don’t be tempted by character pajamas or loud prints
  • Please style long hair pulled back in small hair bows or clips.  Longer hair tends to hang in the child’s face and can prevent the best expressions from being captured.  We want to see their precious little faces, not hair or accessories.
  • Shoes are optional, but please be sure footwear is a dark color—no summer shoes.
  • Girls wearing dresses or skirts should be sure to have dark tights to avoid little panties showing.  Children tend to squirm and little dresses can get raised.
  • If you intend on being in the photo towards the end, dress in similar attire.
What to wear for Christmas Photos
Christmas Attire Mood Board

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I need to cancel or someone gets sick?

All sessions are non-refundable.  However, if you let us know at least a week ahead of time, we will try hard to fill your time slot.  If we are able to fill your spot, a refund will be issued. Or you can be like Santa and transfer it to a friend. 

How do I pay for the session?

The session fee must be paid in full at the time of booking.  You can use a credit card when you schedule your time slot.

Not sure what to wear?

Holiday PJs are the best!  See above for more information on What to Wear and what will look best in your photos.

What happens if my child cries?

No one knows how your child will react or if they will cry.  Our Santa is a professional and has some tricks in his bag to help your child relax.  But lets be honest, these can make THE best Christmas cards! 

We have asked the professionals (thats our GES community) and put together some ideas and suggestions (under More Details above) for you to prep your child for their visit with Santa.   

Santa's Helpful Tips

Santa’s Helpful Tips

Here are some tips to help ensure your child has a positive experience with Santa

  • Talk about the experience in a positive way ahead of time. Building excitement leading up to the event can help prepare your child’s expectations.
  • Let your child be involved in selecting their wardrobe. (see wardrobe guide)
  • Do not schedule a session during what is typically your child’s nap time.
  • Be sure your child is well-rested.
  • Postpone any other sessions or activities your child might be involved in. If they have another activity (sports, dance, gymnastics, etc.) on the same day as their portrait session, please consider skipping the other activity for that day.
  • Make sure your child is well-fed before coming for the session. Feed them a snack or meal BEFORE coming and before you dress them in their portrait attire.
  • Do NOT bring food with you to the session to use as a bribe.
  • Refrain from taking your own photos of your child until after their time with Santa. Young children have short attention spans and tire easily. If you wear your child out taking photos before they arrive for their session, it is very likely they will have nothing left for the photographer!
  • Please make sure that your child’s clothing is pressed and wrinkle-free. I’m not talking about the wrinkling that can occur with the use of car seats and seat belts. I’m talking about the deep-set wrinkles that are present when you remove clothing from the package. Please iron or steam out those deep wrinkles and hang the clothing until time to dress for the session.

More Details

More Details from Santa

  • Our studio is located in Powder Springs, Ga.
  • A non-refundable booking fee is due to add you to the calendar. This reserves your spot on the calendar and time with Santa. If you need to cancel and we are able to fill your spot, we will be happy to refund your booking fee.  Or you may gift it to a friend.  Let us know if you have gifted a friend so we can prepare for the individual experience.
  • A questionnaire will be emailed to you once you are booked to ask for information concerning the type of interaction you want with Santa. Be sure to fill this out and send it back to us ASAP so we can put the session plan together. This will help allow each child a personalized experience.
  • One complimentary appointment time will be scheduled to view your portraits. Please make sure all purchasing partners are available at this appointment. Payment will need to be made at this appointment for any items you purchase. If a second ordering appointment is needed, a fee will be charged.
  • To offer the best experience, we are limiting the number of children per session to two. Due to the size of our set and studio, only two adults may accompany your child or children. The Santa Experience is designed to be an interactive experience with Santa and not a posed family photo. We are more than happy to book a family session for you at another time. If you have more than two children, please call me to discuss options.

More Details for Parents

  • Parents can watch the session. A specific spot will be available and we ask that you NOT interact with your child during this time. Santa, Santa’s assistant, and the photographer are trained to get the most natural expressions –  whatever those happen to be!   ABSOLUTELY NO PHONE PHOTOS OR VIDEOS CAN BE TAKEN DURING THE SESSION! We are working hard to ensure the calmest and most enjoyable atmosphere possible for the experience.
  • Santa asks that you bring a wrapped gift for your child. We will slip it into Santa’s sack and he will present it towards the end!
  • If your child is afraid of Santa, please let us work our wonders. We have a few tricks up our sleeves. If needed, we will ask that one parent sits with the child. If you know this is a possibility, be sure to dress in complementary attire for photos. (see wardrobe guide)

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