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Times like these really bring home the importance of family and freedom.

When we think about the people in Ukraine, our hearts go out to them.  They are suffering from war, and many of us have asked ourselves, “What Can I Do?” That is why photographers across America have banded together as Photographers for Ukraine.  We are a group of independent photography studios across the country, working together to raise money for those in need. Our one goal is to make a difference by giving financially or providing support through this difficult time and helping these families.

Join us in celebrating our family and freedom as we raise funds for those who still lack the most basic necessities.  Our goal is to reach $25k as a group.  With your help, together, we can make a difference!

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There are many ways your donation can help, and you choose how you want to make the difference.  Photographers for Ukraine have done the homework for you and found what we feel is the easiest way to contribute.  Direct Help for Ukraine offers ways to donate gear and supplies through Amazon or cash donations.  As featured on CNN, they are a grassroots organization dedicated to helping in Ukraine. Their efforts are done through a group of companies and volunteers to get the donations delivered to Ukraine. More information is provided in the link here for you.

Here is how G and E Studios is participating with Photographers for Ukraine to help those in need.


💙We will donate your $350 session fee to Direct Help for Ukraine!

💛We are matching your $350 donation towards a Studio Product Credit of Wall Art, Custom Album or Folio Box for the month of April.  Your session includes.

    • 💙Personalized design consultation to discuss all the details.
    • 💛Reveal and order session 1-2 weeks after your session.
    • 💙Portrait session must be scheduled and held by September 30 and not used with any other promotions.  Sessions are limited.

💛The total value is $700.

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Fill out the information below and let`s get started helping those in Ukraine and celebrating your family! 

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If you know a family in another area that would like to participate, we are providing a list of Photographers for Ukraine that are participating. The list is growing.  Reach out if you are looking for a certain location!

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