Making Holiday Memories That Last 🎅

Hello, parents and grandparents of Powder Springs, GA!  As professional photographers specializing in in-studio family and children portraits, we understand the magic that happens when you capture precious moments. In this blog post, we’re diving into a special holiday topic: Santa Experience Sessions vs. Santa Express Sessions. We hope this helps you choose which one is best for your littles. 

Santa Experience Sessions: A Magical Journey for Ages 3 and up

Santa Photo with girl and nice list

Picture this: Your child, wide-eyed with wonder, stepping into Santa’s living room or study and spending 45 minutes in an interactive session with the jolly man himself. These sessions are designed to create unforgettable memories for kids between the ages of 3 years old and up. But it’s not just about photos; it’s about creating keepsake items that will grace your home every holiday season. Your images from this session will stand out with the added touches of Santa’s sprinkles of magic!

📷 Imagine your children, now grown with their own little ones, looking at the photos of mom or dad in Santa’s living room or study. What stories will they tell? These are the memories that bridge generations and make the holiday season truly magical.

Santa Express Sessions: Quick and Memorable

For those of you with less time, younger children, or simply looking for that perfect Christmas card image, we offer Santa Express Sessions. These 10-minute sessions are about capturing the essence of the holiday spirit without the mall lines. Your images are simple and capture your family’s smiles of joy. 

Why Choose Us?

Our studio, located in beautiful Cobb County, GA, is about making the holiday season memorable. We focus on creating images and keepsakes you’ll cherish for years to come. Whether you choose the immersive Santa Experience or the quick and charming Santa Express, we ensure that each moment is filled with holiday joy.


The Difference in Experience

🎁 Santa Experience Sessions: Perfect for creating cherished memories for kids aged 3 and up or older! Parents enjoy watching their kids interact with Santa Claus and the studio fills up with family laughter! 

🎄 Santa Express Sessions: Quick and ideal for those with limited time or younger children.

Santa sharing nice list with family at G and E Studios


So, parents and grandparents, the choice is yours – a 45-minute magical adventure or a quick but memorable 10-minute encounter with Santa. No matter your preference, our studio in Northwest Atlanta, GA is here to make your holiday season truly special. Let’s capture the magic, the joy, and the memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

To learn more or book your session, there are three ways to contact us today! 

  1. Call us at 678 427-9255 or schedule a CALL here.
  2. Book your Santa Experience.
  3. Book your Santa Express.

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