Do you look at the walls and wish there was a family portrait hanging there? Family portraits deserved to be proudly displayed in your home so that everyone can see your growing family! Additionally, children who grow up seeing their portraits on the wall are happier and feel secure. What’s better than that?


We offer guidance below on how to style your portrait artwork to ensure you love your portraits and can confidently display them in your home or office. Before the session starts, it’s important to take a step back and make sure you have a plan of how you want to use these portraits. As you plan your portrait session, here are four things to consider as you plan your portrait session. 

4 Things to Consider When Styling Your Session Artwork 

Start with the end in mind! We highly recommend working with a photographer that cares about your experience and delivering an end result that you love. 

How Do You Prefer to Enjoy Your Portraits?

Do you prefer to look through an album or are you dreaming of framed portraits on the wall? You could also choose both! You don’t have to make any decisions before the session, but knowing what you’re thinking will help in deciding what to wear and frame styles. 

Family Photo Albums

What’s Your Home’s Style? 

What style frame would complement your home? If you’re not sure what your home’s style is, look around the space you plan on displaying your portraits. Do you like a more modern look? Timeless classic? There is no wrong answer, but answering these questions helps us plan your session, from what to wear to when you should take your portraits. 

Family Portrait hanging in a formal living room

Choose Your Wardrobe 

Now that you know how you plan on enjoying your portraits and you know your home’s style, you can decide what to wear! If you’re dreaming of a formal portrait on the dining room wall, you might choose different outfits than if you were planning on creating an album. We offer wardrobe consultations with our clients so that they feel happy and confident without stressing over outfits. 


Family Portrait Artwork | Powder Springs, GA 

It’s our mission to make sure that our clients love their images and display them properly in their homes. We never want your prized family portraits to sit on the computer. You want your portraits out and visible in your home, not hidden away. We help our clients with every step of the process from deciding how they want to display their images, wardrobe guidance, professionally capturing the images, to then helping you choose which images you want to display. Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to schedule your session with us. 

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