Today’s modern family is busier than ever. Between school, sports, church, work, and everything else, those family portraits won’t feel likLittle Girl on a Vintage Street e a far-off dream. You wish you had professional portraits of your sweet children before they grow up, but it feels impossible to actually make it happen. Maybe you hope that your child’s school photo will be enough. 


You work so hard to take care of your beautiful family. Let us take care of a family portrait session so that you can have artwork to show off what matters most to you. If you don’t have time for family portraits, let us offer a few ways to consider this important investment. What about your children in a portrait session? You and Dad can join in the next time.

Look for a Powder Springs Studio Photographer 

There’s a reason why we decided to go all in on studio photography, and that’s because it’s better for families. Yes, it’s true. By having a premium studio photography space, we can schedule sessions around your busy family without worrying about the weather, time of day, or finding a perfect location. The studio is a comfortable, private space that’s available when it’s best for you. 


TrCartoon Composite of little girl and teddy bearsust a Seamless Photography Process

Over the years, we’ve carefully crafted our studio photography process to serve our busy Powder Spring clients even better. Our proven process makes capturing those family portraits or children portraits you’re dreaming of without adding a massive to-do list to mom’s plate is easier than ever. Our process ensures that children feel comfortable and happy during the session. That, plus a little bit of G and E Studios magic, helps us take photos that truly encapsulate your child! 

Done-For-You Children’s Portraits

You are far too busy to spend hours deciding how and when to print your images. The done-for-you family or children portrait process includes an image reveal and ordering appointment. During this meeting, we ooh and ahh over every image from your session. You’ll choose your favorites, and we can mockup portrait artwork right then and there. Once we finalize your choices, your job is done. We handle all of the final design, ordering, delivery, and even installation. Instead of spending hours doing this yourself, we take care of it for you so that you can enjoy your custom artwork even faster without having to lift a finger. 

When A School Photo Doesn’t Cut It 

School photos are great for the school yearbook, but they just don’t cut it when it comes to capturing your child. During school photo day, your child gets less than a minute with the photographer. The goal is to take as many photos as possible and make sure they are uniform with the rest. But your child isn’t like the rest. There’s a reason your child is so special, and our job as Powder Springs, GA, children’s portrait photographers is to find out what that is and capture it in portrait artwork for you. We take the time to get to know you and your child so that they can truly shine during their session. 

Powder Springs, GA Children’s Portrait Photographer 

If you wish you had the time for a children’s portrait session, we’d love to help you. Our passion is helping busy Powder Springs families slow down and savor this time with their children through our studio portrait process. We’ll take care of all the details and make it easy and painless for you to create portrait artwork that you’ll treasure forever. It all starts with a quick and fun Discovery call. Please click here to find a time on our calendar. 

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