In a nutshell, children’s portrait photography is professional photography of your child. The reality is that it means so much more than that! We believe that children’s portrait photography is documenting the essence of your child in this moment. By their nature, children grow up so fast. We love being able to capture and display your child in a way that you’ll love to look at every day. 

Let’s answer some questions about children’s photography to see if it’s the right fit for your family.

Why Children’s Photography?

How many photos do you have of your child on your phone? Maybe hundreds to thousands! While your phone may be full of photos, you might wonder why you would need children’s portrait photography. The truth is a professional children’s photographer will be able to get that perfect portrait of your child that you’ll want to frame and hang in your home. 

How is Children’s Portrait Photography Different from School Portraits? 

Once your child is in school, you can simply take advantage of their annual school photo, right? While a school photo might be a nice image of your child, it doesn’t capture their personality. Your child usually has a few seconds to sit down and smile at the camera. The school photographer doesn’t have time to get to know your child and ensure they get the perfect portrait. Their job is to photograph each student as quickly as possible. A children’s photographer will accurately capture your child and take the time to do so.

What Are the Best Ages for Children’s Portrait Photography 

We usually recommend children’s photography starting at age one through their senior year of high school. Before the age of one would be considered milestone photography. The frequency truly depends on what you want. Annual children’s portrait sessions are a beautiful way to document your child’s growth throughout the years. 

Will My Child Cooperate With a Portrait Session?

We sometimes hear from parents who are worried their rambunctious toddler or shy 2nd grader won’t cooperate with a session. As trained professionals and parents ourselves, we know how to help your child warm up to the camera and get the best smiles and expressions.  We have lots of experience helping even the shyest child feel comfortable in our studio. Truth be told, you will be surprised at how well your child cooperates with us. Funny enough, children really do tend to behave better when it’s not mom and dad. Here is a full blog post answering the question of how your child will do during photos. 

Powder Springs Children’s Portrait Photographer 

G and E Studios loves getting to know your family and watching your children grow up! We get to relive the magic of childhood again and again. As parents ourselves, we love taking the time to get to know our little subjects so that we can document their personalities for you. We build our children’s portrait session around your family, not the other way around. If you’re interested in scheduling a children’s portrait session, please send us a message here.

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