If you’re researching what to wear for holiday photos, we hope that you found what you needed and are ready to have a great session! Being able to look back on your family’s holiday photos is a delight. As studio portrait photographers who help many families every year, we want to offer our best tips on what to wear and what to avoid for your holiday photos. 


3 Tips on What to Wear for Your Holiday Photos

1. Consider the Backdrop Start with your backdrop in mind. If your session is in the studio, you have more options to choose from and flexibility. Your studio portrait photographer can help you decide which backdrop will look best for your vision.

2. Lean Towards Simple – Unless you really want a fancy portrait, lean towards simple for your holiday photos. What do we mean by that? For example, instead of a frilly dress, you could choose a solid color dress that your daughter would love to wear. Focus on everyone looking nice but also being comfortable. If everyone is comfortable, they’ll be happier!

3. Stick to the Same Color Palette – Choose a color palette that you can dress everyone in for the session. When in doubt, choose neutral colors with pops of colors. You can’t go wrong with navy blues, dark reds, dark green, dark reds, and rich, warm browns for holiday photos. Pair those with black or khaki pants for men and dresses for women, and you can’t go wrong!

What Not to Wear for Holiday Photos

1. Avoid Busy Patterns – The reason we say this is because busy patterns can be distracting in a portrait. We don’t want anything to distract from your beautiful faces! Try to avoid patterns if you can. If a family member does end up wearing a print, ensure that no one else is wearing a pattern that will clash!

2. Ditch Uncomfortable Clothes – While you might have a vision of your family members in certain outfits, try to make sure that they are comfortable. At least try to find a balance between your vision and your family member’s wishes. The more comfortable your family members are, the easier it will be to capture the perfect portrait!


The Santa Experience for the Perfect Holiday Photos 

If your holiday wish is to have the perfect Santa photo, we have you covered with our Santa Experience! Instead of waiting in a long line for a quick photo with Santa, your family will get a dedicated time slot with Santa himself. Your child will enjoy the experience of a lifetime, and you’ll be able to get the perfect Santa photo. For more information on this special session, please visit our Santa experience page.

Family Holiday Photos Near Powder Springs, GA 

Whether you’re taking your Christmas card photo or are excited about your annual family portrait, we want you to feel comfortable and excited about your holiday photos. We offer stress-free family portraits that include wardrobe guidance. Our clients get unparalleled service before, during, and after their portrait session. If you’d like to book a session with us, please contact us here!

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