If you have a child who’s about to enter their senior year of high school, you are probably feeling a mix of emotions, including excitement, pride, and maybe even a little stress. The coming year will be full of significant memories and events. You may be wondering when the best time is to schedule their senior portrait session. Well, as photographers who specialize in senior portrait sessions in Powder Springs, GA, we can answer that question for you!

We generally recommend that seniors and their parents get in touch with us in the spring of their junior year to book their session for the summer before their senior year. There are some exceptions to that, which we’ll cover later. 

Here’s why we suggest you schedule your senior’s session early!


7 Reasons You Should Schedule Your Senior’s Portraits Early


1. Flexibility – Most families have a more flexible schedule in the summer. With no school and not as many sports and club activities, you will have the luxury of scheduling your session whenever you want. You will be able to avoid the stress of squeezing it in during a busier time.Powder Springs senior photographer

2. Yearbook – Many high schools require senior portraits to be submitted for the yearbook early in the fall of their senior year. With a summer photo session, your child will have plenty of time to review their portraits and choose the perfect one to submit to the yearbook. 

3. Other uses – Having senior portraits done during the summer also means they will be available for your family to use. Some ideas are for college applications, holiday gifts, and graduation announcements. 

4. Busy schedule – Let’s face it, senior year is a hectic time. There are college applications, exams, prom, and other activities. By scheduling your child’s senior portrait session during the summer before their senior year, they’ll be able to check one thing off their to-do list before the chaos of senior year begins.

5. In-studio – You may be wondering about doing a session in the hot temperatures of summer. Well, because we do our senior sessions in-studio, we don’t have to worry about the weather! Not only can we schedule your senior’s session at any time of day without worrying about the sun, but they will also be able to wear whatever they want without sweating. So, bring on the jeans!studio senior photography session

6. Rescheduling – No one wants to reschedule a session they are so excited for. Scheduling your senior’s session early does allow time for any unexpected illnesses or emergencies. Since you won’t be squeezing it in at the last minute, you’ll have some wiggle room for unforeseen circumstances.

7. Busy season – Booking early also helps you avoid the rush and stress of the busy season. Senior photographers tend to be in high demand during the summer and fall, when students are preparing for their senior year. Get your session date secured well in advance. This means you won’t be scrambling to get a session planned for your senior, and you’ll be more likely to get a date and time that work best for your family.


Schedule Your Senior Portraits Today!


Now that we’ve explained why doing your child’s senior portrait session early is ideal, let’s talk about exceptions. If you find yourself reading this after the timeline we’ve discussed, do not stress! We can still figure it out! Maybe your family travels every summer, or you just hadn’t thought ahead about senior portraits. We can still get you scheduled and have a fabulous session.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you have beautiful portraits of your senior on your walls and in an album to enjoy. So reach out as soon as possible, and we’ll work with you to plan an amazing senior session for your teen!

Powder Springs, GA Senior Portrait Photographer 

We know how important this season is to your family’s story. It’s exciting and emotional to watch your child experience all of the milestones of their senior year before they begin a new journey. I would love to answer any questions! If you are ready for the next step, let’s chat!  Book your 15-minute discovery call!  

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