When Should You Take Children’s Heirloom Portraits in Powder Springs, GA

We truly never know who will treasure our family portraits when we’re gone. When we take the time and energy to invest in children’s heirloom portraits, we can imagine our grandchildren and great-grandchildren treasuring these precious images. We know how busy you are raising your amazing children.  So we know while you may want to take heirloom portraits, you are worried about taking them at the right time because our children grow so quickly. In today’s blog post, we will share with you when you should schedule and take your child’s heirloom portrait in our Powder Springs Studio.

Why Take an Heirloom Portrait

Our clients love the heirloom portrait because it’s a classic and timeless look. The simple and clean portrait draws you in and puts all the focus on your beautiful child. You will treasure having this portrait of your child for the rest of your life. And what a legacy to pass on to your child to share with future generations. This portrait isn’t just for you, it’s documenting and preserving your family legacy. 

When to Take Your Child’s Heirloom Portrait

Our children grow so quickly from the moment they’re born until they graduate high school. So which year should you take their heirloom portrait? The answer depends on you and your child. We do recommend that you take an heirloom portrait around the time your child turns one and before they reach the teenage years. Why? Because the goal of this portrait is to capture the essence of your child. We want to capture them after they are a baby and before they are a teenager with the sweet spot of being between one and six. This is a perfect age because your child will have a sweet expression and still have their baby teeth. That being said, reach out to us with any questions about your child.




If you’re thinking about taking an heirloom portrait of your child, you may be wondering how we would get your wiggly toddler to sit still for this portrait and the studio. The answer is that we use our years of experience and love of children to get your energetic toddler not only to cooperate but enjoy their experience. We keep the session as efficient as possible so you and your child can get back to what you love to do. 

Powder Springs, GA Children’s Heirloom Portrait Photographer 

As parents and grandparents, we treasure portraits of our children and grandchildren. These portraits aren’t only important to us but will be gifted and passed down to our family someday. We understand the importance of these portraits and value your time, which is why we’ve created a simple and easy studio portrait process in Powder Springs, GA. 

I would love to answer any questions! If you are ready for the next step, let’s chat! Book your 15-minute discovery call!  

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