Multi-family portrait sessions are truly amazing because you get to capture the whole family in a professional image to pass down through the generations. Hopefully, you read our other article with tips on planning a multi-family portrait session here. Today, we want to share more about when it’s the right time to take your big family portrait. 

The Best Time to Take a Multi-Generational Photo

When a client reaches out about a multi-generation portrait session, the first question they ask is when to schedule the session. Of course, the answer depends on your family and own timeline, but here are some considerations. 


First and foremost, don’t put off scheduling this type of session. Once you have a multi-family portrait session in mind, you may find that life gets in the way of scheduling. Maybe you think you should wait a few years until mom and dad’s big anniversary or until some of the younger children have grown up more.



Sadly, we sometimes hear clients who want to wait until they feel ready for a professional portrait. They’re either worried about losing some weight or until they look a certain way. We want to assure you that you look perfect just how you are right now! If any clients share any personal appearance concerns, we can implement a few tricks up our sleeves to make sure that you love your photos with wardrobe guidance and PhotoShop magic. 


Long story short, the best time to schedule your multi-family portrait is as soon as possible! Life is precious, and we truly don’t know what’s ahead. We can’t see the future, but we can enjoy the now. Take the family portrait now, and, worst-case scenario, you schedule another one in a few years! How many families have multiple generations in a portrait to display in their homes? You could end up with more than one! How incredible is that?


Your Trusted Multi-Family Portrait Photographer 

Family is the number one most important thing to us (our clients are a close second)! We know how special and important a multi-family portrait is and how tricky it can be to coordinate such an event. If you’re worried about coordinating multiple families for a one-day session, either because of some families coming from out of town or because of work schedules, we can help! We have the ability to take portraits separately and then use trusty PhotoShop to put all your families together. Don’t let busy schedules stop you from creating this incredible portrait. 

Studio Portraits in Powder Springs, GA

G and E Studios offers a stress-free portrait experience in Powder Springs, GA. From the moment your family steps into the studio, we take care of everything. In fact, we strive to make everyone’s experience relaxing and enjoyable so that even our toughest customers want to come back! We’d love to meet you and see if we’re the right fit for your family portrait session. Please contact us by sending a message on our website. 

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