Are you wondering where you should display your family portrait artwork in your home? We think portrait artwork is the best home decor that will never go out of style! You’ll be able to see your beautiful family every day, and visitors will enjoy seeing them as well. 

We know it’s tough to decide where to display your artwork, so we came up with a list of seven rooms in your home. As part of our full-service process, we help clients plan and display their artwork so that it’s easy to showcase your portraits!

Ideas for Where to Display Portrait Artwork in Your Home 

Here are seven options where you can display your portrait artwork. 

Your Entryway – The space everyone sees as they enter your home! Your entryway is the perfect location to hang a portrait. It’ll be the first thing you and your guests see as you come into your home.

Living Room – Your living room is where you spend time as a family, so displaying your portraits here is a great option. Your family portrait can be the focal point of the space, or you can create a gallery wall that grows with your family. 

Dining Room – The dining area is where you share meals as a family and host large gatherings. Having your family portraits on this wall provides a lovely decor piece that you can’t get anywhere else! 

Home Office – Displaying your family portrait in your home office area provides the joy and motivation you need to get the job done. You can feature a gallery wall that you can view from your desk or hang a family portrait so that you can always see your loved ones.

Children’s Bedrooms – Children who grow up seeing their portraits on the wall know that they are cherished and loved! Printing portrait artwork of your children has two benefits. They can see their professional images every day, and these portrait artwork pieces can serve as part of their story. 

Playroom/Area – This is a similar concept to displaying portraits in your children’s bedrooms. Your portraits will be where your children will see them every day. And on the days you don’t want to see the mess, just look at your beautiful portrait artwork. 

Theater Room – You might be surprised that we mention a theater room, but this would be a great option for displaying your family portraits. Your family’s images make great decor for this room when you’re not watching a movie and will serve as a beautiful focal point. 

Powder Springs Family Portrait Photographer 

As your family portrait photographer, we always like to start with the end in mind. When you schedule your portrait session with us, we like to ask where you plan on displaying your images. If you’re not sure, that’s okay! We’re here to help. Knowing where you want to display your portraits helps us plan the perfect session for you and your family. In fact, our job isn’t over until your portraits are on display in your home! If you’d like to schedule a session, please send us a message here. We can’t wait to hear from you.


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