Think of the most prized possessions in your home. Do your wedding photos or family portrait artwork come to mind? Photos of our family tend to become our most treasured possessions. If you have any photos of your grandparents or great-grandparents, then you know how precious those are to your family as well.Tell your family's story through family portrait artwork in your home

This is just part of the reason why investing in family portrait artwork is so important for your family. We’d love to share a few more reasons with you.

Tell Your Family’s Story with Portrait Artwork 

When someone enters your home, we want their first impression to be admiring your beautiful family on the walls. Portrait artwork tells the story of your family’s love, and by displaying that in your home, everyone will be able to experience that love. Young children through teenagers love to see their photos on the wall and will be reminded that they are part of a loving family every day.

Your Portrait Artwork is Part of Your Legacy 

What is the legacy that you want to leave behind? You spend your life teaching your children and family everything you know. You make many beautiful memories together that you hope are remembered long after you are gone. Being able to leave behind family portrait artwork is like passing memories down through the generations.

Your Family Portrait Will Become a Family Heirloom 

You may or may not have portraits of your ancestors. By creating wall art and custom albums, you’ll be able to pass down portraits that future generations can look at and admire. They can see their family tree and know where they came from. 

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Family Portraits

Hey, we love a good DIY, but there are some things that shouldn’t be DIYed, and this is one of them. While it may seem easier to just print online, it can cost you more in the long run and might not last very long. 

Online printers want to print as cheaply as possible so their products will not last through the generations. If you have any issues or misprinting, you’ll have to deal with the online printer and have to pay for reprinting yourself. By working with a trusted family portrait photographer, you can rest easy knowing that your family portrait artwork will be professionally and carefully printed. Their professional printers will ensure high-quality products that will last decades or longer. 

Family Portrait Studio in Atlanta, GA

At G and E Studios, we’re not just taking a photo; we’re capturing your family’s legacy and helping you effortlessly display your portraits for you to enjoy for a very long time. You can learn more about our full-service process here. 

If you’d like to schedule your family portrait session, please send us a message here. We look forward to telling your family’s story through photography. 

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