Children love coming to our Powder Springs studio for their portrait session! Children’s portrait sessions are really special to us because we’re able to document your child and create artwork that you will treasure forever. Our children grow up way too fast, let us help you hold onto this time with them through studio portrait sessions. If you’re wondering if your child will enjoy a portrait session, they will! Here are a few reasons why children love our studio sessions. 

3 Reasons Why Kids Love Their Portrait Session 


Spotlight – Your children will love that they get to enjoy the spotlight! We’ll lavish your children will our attention so that they feel really special. We want to capture your child’s unique personality through cherished portraits. This is an opportunity for you and your child to enjoy a fun experience together. 


Be Themselves – In the studio, your children can relax and be themselves. We have lots of experience photographing children, so we’ve seen it all. From the shy child who needs a few moments to feel comfortable in front of the camera to the child who can’t wait for their close-up. The studio offers a welcoming and private space, so we won’t have any distractions or prying eyes. They can let go and have fun! The more fun your child has, the better the portraits will turn out. 

Play Games – We have tricks up our sleeves to help children relax, have fun, and showcase their personalities. As we plan your child’s portrait session, we’ll ask a few questions about them to plan a few activities they would enjoy. This could be playing with a ball, telling their siblings secrets, or playing silly music.


Here’s Why Parents Love Our Studio Sessions

The truth is that parents love our children’s studio portrait sessions just as much! When you arrive at the welcoming studio with your family, you can trust us to run the show. Our studio has ample amenities to take care of all your family’s needs. We like to take the time to get to know your child before and during the session. Children’s attention spans are short, so we try to move along quickly to keep them focused and having fun, but we always make time to talk with your child and help them feel comfortable before we take a single portrait.

Powder Springs, GA Children’s Portrait Photographer 

Let’s document your daughter’s sweet smile or your son’s sly little grin. As your children grow up and find their way in the world, you’ll always have these beautiful professional portraits to look back on and remember what they were like as children. We’re passionate about offering a full-service portrait experience that the whole family will love. 

I would love to answer any questions!  If you are ready for the next step, let’s chat!  Book your 15-minute discovery call!  

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