Family portraits are a beautiful way to document your growing family, yet many families put these off. They push off taking family portraits until next year arrives, and it’s time to think about it again. Today, we want to discuss the biggest objections to family portraits and how to overcome them. Not only that, but we share more reasons why you shouldn’t put off family portraits any longer!

Three Biggest Objections to Family Portraits

Time – Planning and executing a family session is a lot of work for mom! Mom has to find a photographer, find a date that works for the whole family, choose a location, choose outfits and get everyone to the session. Afterward, mom has to decide how to use to images from the session. This could add up to hours of work. 

This is why it’s so important to find a family portrait studio that handles all of this for you. Once you book with your photographer and find a date that works, we take the rest from there. 

Investment – Family portraits are an investment to consider. You’ll want to purchase professional portrait artwork to display in your home or office after the session and any digital files. These are treasures that your family will enjoy for generations to come.

Waiting (braces to come off, weight loss, etc.) – So many families want to wait for the “perfect time” after their child’s braces come off, or their child’s front teeth grow back, etc. Maybe mom is hoping to lose a few pounds before taking family photos. 

The truth is that your family is perfect how they are right now. Yes, maybe your child has braces or is missing teeth, but that’s part of their personality right now. You’ll love looking back on this sweet season with your family. Mom, you are perfect now. Don’t put off family photos any longer. Your kids will look back on these photos with joy because they’re with their favorite person – you.

There are so many reasons why families want to wait, but the truth is that you shouldn’t wait any longer!

Why You Should Not Wait to Take Family Photos

We just answered the three biggest objections as to why some families put off scheduling their portrait sessions. We wanted to share a few more reasons why it’s immensely important not to put off these beloved portraits. 

1. The Days are Long, but the Years are Short – You’ve likely heard this phrase, “The days are long, but the years are short.” Meaning time with your kids go by much faster than we’d like. Take the time to document your beautiful growing family now so you have professional images to revisit their season. 

2. Family Portraits Make Children (of any age) Happy – It’s true! Children who grow up with their family portraits on the walls feel happier and more secure. They know their place in the family who loves them so much. 

3. Home Decor You’ll Love  – Family portrait artwork makes the best home decor! You can show off your beautiful family with a statement wall art piece or create a custom album to proudly display on your coffee table. It’s the kind of decor never go out of style. 

4. Make Happy Memories with Your Family – Family portrait sessions should be a fun experience for your whole family! At G and E Studios, we like to make sure every member of your family is happy and comfortable throughout the session. 

Your Family Photo Photographer 

You love your beautiful family more than anything. Now is the time to have family portraits taken so you have treasured family portrait artwork you can enjoy daily. 

With our stress-free portrait process, we make it as easy as possible for you to capture your family. We help with all session planning, including wardrobe guidance. During the session, you can just sit back and relax with your family! After the session, we take care of all designing, ordering, and even installing your family portraits.
If you’d like to schedule your family portrait session, we’d love to help. Please send us a message here.

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